My primary consideration is to energize the site while mediating and integrating the space between human scale and architectural scale. 

Color, the speed and movement of cinema, and images that stimulate the imagination have long been the means for bringing the viewers of my work more deeply into the realm of their imagination.  The imagery used in these works hovers between illustrated reality and the abstract.  This allows viewers to discover their own imagery, meaning, and understanding of the work, to gain the personal richness of emotional and intellectual complexity.

A couple of examples:

Race of the black Pig presents a highly colored sequential work. Images transform, morphing from one to another.

- wing >leaf > oak tree > pinwheel > horse legs-- these are arrayed upon the structure of St. Bridget’s cross. 

Spirit of Belfast engages images from the site’s history while respecting the circular flow of pedestrian traffic and not obscuring sightlines along the streets.

- concertina razor wire > four arcs evolving from closed to open describe the change in community relationships.


I have teamed with my long-time collaborator, renowned lighting designer Howard Brandston, to develop a dramatic lighting installation for Jefferson Street in downtown Syracuse, NY.  It is based on work we began to develop ten years before while creating a temporary installation for the City of Cork in the Republic of Ireland during its celebration as the European Capital of 2005.  The present installation is larger, more complex, and more fully realized as a new paradigm for urban street lighting.  It is sponsored by Syracuse University with the support of New York State, the building owners adjacent to the site, and the City of Syracuse.  Our task is to attract pedestrians to stroll and join the evening street-life from City Hall at Columbus Circle to Armory Square.

Our long-term aim is to eliminate existing streetlights designed to illuminate roadways.  Rather, we put our focus on illuminating the walkways, storefronts and landscaping.  In doing this we create a safer, more appealing environment for the city to become a comfortable “living” space.

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